Prom: Why Every Group Needs a Limo

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Prom: Why Every Group Needs a Limo

Prom is the most memorable event in your high school career as long as you don’t plan on graduating. If higher educational aspirations are part of your future, however, then here are 4 reasons why Bakersfield Limousine and Transport is your best bet to a fun-filled and memorable prom experience!

1. Plenty Of Rides to Choose From

Regardless of budget or size of your entourage, we have a vehicle for the occasion.  Is your entire football team paying for a party-sized bus? Easily done. Maybe you’re part of a smaller group of friends and need the speed and accessibility of a premium sedan to jump from pre-party to prom to afterparty? Also easily done.

2.  Safety For Teens, Relief For Parents.  

Our drivers are professionally trained and certified, and certainly safer than the average teen updating their Snapchat at 65 miles an hour. Instead, parents who choose BLT have peace of mind knowing their kids are texting while someone else is behind the wheel.

See Our Entire Vehicle Lineup Here

3. So They Can Focus on Socializing

Prom is an evening filled with pictures, chatting, texting, dancing, and plenty other memorable interactions shared among peers.  Eventually, it gets to the point where driving becomes the distraction and not the important task at hand. You’ve got bigger things to focus on during prom night; why not taking driving out of the equation altogether?

4. Look The Part

If you’re going all out on a dress or tuxedo, you need a vehicle to match the part. This might be fine if you can borrow the family Cadillac, or a family member is willing to chauffeur, but what happens if you don’t have a car that’s up to par?

Call Bakersfield Limousine and Transport!

Let us handle the driving so you can enjoy a memorable evening.  Give us a call today for pricing, quotes, and car availability!

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