Thirsty For Paso Robles Wine Tasting?

By Ugly Duck Team - September 20th, 2018 in Uncategorized

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Thirsty For Paso Robles Wine Tasting?

Because Raisin Tasting isn’t as Much Fun as Wine.

When you reserve a limousine for wine tasting in Paso Robles, a smooth ride not only lets the police know your driver is sober, it most importantly reduces the likelihood of spilled wine. Save the emotional neutrality for wasted milk: you’ll almost certainly be in tears without Bakersfield Limousine and Transport behind the wheel. Other picks have a penchant for potholes despite their proclaimed proficiency for a perfect Paso visit.

Bakersfield Limousine and Transport has delivered countless parties to Paso wineries all over the area, so we not only know where the potholes are but also where the best vines are to be found. Our fleet is committed to providing a safe, classy, and fun service for the entire day. You pick the wineries, we’ll handle the rest.

Your First Time to Paso? No Worries!

Plus, we’re always collaborating with wineries in Paso Robles. If you picture yourself enjoying wine on a hilltop with friends, we’ll direct you to qualified cellars. 

There’s No Such Thing as a Hassle-free DUI

Who wants to drive all the way to Paso Robles when we can provide the round trip? We serve Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Earlimart, Delano, Shafter, Wasco, McFarland & more. You’re not driving and we’re no stranger to the pregame, so stock your limo with choice wines suited to your Paso Robles wine tour trip.

We serve Paso Robles, CA and all over Kern County, call today for specifics!

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