We Offer Custom Brewery Tours

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Now Offering Brewery Tours

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Brand, new custom brewery tours are now available to Kern County residents!

Bakersfield Limousine and Transport, Bakersfield’s go-to limousine transportation service, is offering folks the chance to become a part of a growing trend everywhere.

Brewery tours are not only for beer enthusiasts! Bakersfield Limousine and Transport’s dedicated chauffeurs will take you to local and non-local breweries upon your request inside a fun party bus, making the trip an attractive feature for those of us who have a travel bug.

Maybe you’re looking to spice up your birthday? Forget the old dinner and a movie plans. Instead, travel to a brewery of your choice and absorb the rich history and flavors each place has to offer.

Wine tours are also immensely popular. However, now more than ever, beer tastings are allowing people to try new exciting flavors and see parts of California they likely wouldn’t have visited on their own.

Our Brewery Tours

It’s time to relax with an eclectic variety of beer tastings with those closest to you during a custom brewery tour. Bakersfield Limousine and Transport’s mission is to provide an exceptional brewery tour in a luxurious, modern party bus. Our fleets are kept immaculate and our drivers are experienced and ready to take you to your next destination, wether it’s in Wasco, Delano, Bakersfield, Shafter or Paso Robles!


Forget about having a designated driver. Savor your experience. Don’t know where you want to go? No worries! Our knowledgeable drivers and staff can make recommendations so you don’t miss those must-see spots.

Questions To Ask During Your Brewery Tour

1. How is the beer made here related to the local area?

Most times, breweries take local ingredients and recipes into consideration when crafting their signature drinks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find out the history behind certain beer names and other interesting facts you didn’t know!

2. What makes your beer unique?

With Americans becoming increasingly interested in breweries, it’s important for each business to stand out as best as they can. Go ahead and ask them what sets their brewery apart. You will learn the differences between the places you decide to visit like varying techniques used or special flavors offered at only certain breweries.

Contact Us For Custom Tours

Let’s go places! We can take you to the local and non-local breweries of your choice. When you contact and schedule a tour with us, you can request a specific location or we can craft a custom tour to meet you and your group’s needs. Our tours are as diverse as our clientele. With so many different suggestions, each and every brewery tour we provide becomes unique!

Share your trip ideas with us and we’ll share some of our favorite spots too. We also provide Paso Robles wine tours!

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