Step Into The Ultimate Party Bus Limousine Experience

By Ugly Duck Team - February 28th, 2018 in Uncategorized

Need a Party Bus? Experience Our Premium Party Bus Limousine Ride

Consider for a moment the best party you ever attend and multiply it by ten! We think your perfect event consists of your favorite music, a wonderful environment with lights, themed colors, drinks, and your loved ones around you. Now think about all of these things happening during one luxurious ride, a party bus limousine that will take you and your friends on an amazing and safe journey to any destination you choose.

Bakersfield Limousine and Transport’s Ultimate Party Bus

All this and more can be yours when you book our immaculate party bus fleet for the ride of a lifetime. Treat your guests to the utmost in comfort, class, and entertainment while you are on your way to any event you can dream up, from wine tasting tours, birthday bashes, and clubs, to corporate events, weddings, or sporting trips.


  • 20 Passenger Party Bus/Hummer Limousine Five hours – $895
  • $45.00 Per Passenger Six hours – $1,045
  • $53.00 Per Passenger Prices include complimentary beverages of soda/water

* Other fees may apply for out of town runs or pickups. Includes everything and also gratuity. School Dances such as Formal have minimum booking time of 5 hours.*

Don’t forget to call us today for prices and more information. Always ride and party in style, and have peace of mind knowing you and your guests will return home safely.

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