Enjoy a Limo or Party Bus for Bakersfield Village Fest

By Ugly Duck Team - August 8th, 2018 in Events

Ride in a Limo or Party Bus for Bakersfield Village Fest

Bakersfield Village Fest is right around the corner, and for those of you unaware or new to town, it is THE social event of the year for delicious food, drink, and live music in Bakersfield.  Tickets regularly sell out, so make sure you get yours soon!

Why arrive in a Limo or Party Bus? Aside from the special looks and VIP treatment, you’re beating the massive crowds and parking congestion known to occur at this event. We deliver you and your friends right to the entrance, and we’ll know where to pick you up as well.

Don’t delude yourself into thinking you’ll be lucky enough to snag a taxi or rideshare service by leaving early. Thousands will compete for the same cars; you’ll be sober enough to drive yourself home by the time one is available. This is especially frustrating if an after-party was in your plans for the rest of the night.

Enjoy Responsibly

Skip parking on the other side of Chester Avenue and walking 6 blocks to The Kern County Museum this year. Avoid the worry of DUI checkpoints and wondering if you’re truly sober enough to drive home. With service like this, you’ll enjoy a carefree night of Bakersfield life, good company, and memories you won’t forget!

Vehicles Are Limited; Call Today!

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